You would think that notification of big winnings in an international lottery (for example, the HEMALOTERIJ NL,/INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION PROGRAMES.NL) would come in something more official than an email message.

The burning question I have is not why it took so long to get these “long awaited results.” Nor, do I wonder why it slipped through my spam filter (scoring a measly 3.6 — though it did end up in my “Maybe Spam” folder). No, I wonder why these lottery people — why not one of them — know how to correctly punctuate a sentence. I know English is a second language to the officials in the “INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS DEPT.” But, in most languages — at least western ones–doesn’t everyone leave a space or blank after a period or comma and between words? And doesn’t everyone capitalize the first word of a sentence?

Anyway, I guess I won’t care once I claim my prize of “1,000,000.00Euros (ONE MILLION EUROS.) in cash” (in cash?!?!) using my claim number and contacting “MR MARK DUFFMAN Foreign Transfer Manager.” Hmmm, I’ve already written too much. I would not want someone to claim this prize! Thank you, “Mrs. Liliana Remoud!”

I wonder how much 1 million Eurodollars in cash weighs

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