Suggestions from my Credit Card Company

I (almost) never read the extra pages included in my credit card bill. This is the case now when I get electronic notifications as before with paper bills. But, I guess after the latest MasterCard news (mentioned here), I was doing more reading.

The company adds the following:
There are simple steps you can take to protect yourself from fraud while online, such as never sending personal or financial information by email. (We’ll never ask for it.) For more information, please review the recommendations of the U.S. Government and others at the following sites:
http://www.nipc.gov/warnings/computertips.htm http://iisw.cerias.purdue.edu/home_computing/topten.php
Now, the NIPC one no longer works. NIPC disappeared (as far as I can tell) into the Department for Homeland Security. CERIAS is always a good bet for anyone interested in computer security. So, while I wish their list was more up-to-date (and I wish they pointed to my site :-)) I’m glad they are thinking about this. But, then, most people do what I do and throw away those “extra” pages.

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