Shocking News! You can print fake boarding passes on your printer!

I am being sarcastic, you know? Only the computer illiterate will be surprised that the boarding passes you print out on your home printer can be faked. I don’t expect members of Congress to be computer or technology experts, but even if their eyes and brains don’t tell them this, don’t any of them have smart, computer-savvy aids with a clue?

One of many news items about this is at Boarding Pass Hacker Under Fire.

In a more recent post, Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) repented of calling for Soghoian’s arrest, but still sugested bad judgement. Dr. Avi Rubin also weighed in, “Even if he has a legitimate point, it shows a real lapse in judgement”

I suppose. Still, what’s the difference between what I print out on my printer when I “check in,” to a flight using an airline’s web site and Soghoian’s? Right, one is real. But, still… how does the TSA agent know that?

Right. He or she doesn’t.

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