E-mail Security: We Still Don’t Bother

In an e-mail exchange with Dave Piscitello today, he asked about RSS Newsfeed readers. I mentioned that I still use Eudora, but have been recommending Mozilla’s Thunderbird. He mentioned moving to a different e-mail client, and wrote
I am disappointed that I have to give up PGP but could not reasonably continue to purchase $100-200 worth of email and security software for the purpose of communicating with 9 people. What a sad indictment on the state of email security, huh?
Sad is not the word. Elsewhere on my web site are articles and columns I’ve written about e-mail security and e-mail security products. The earliest one is from mid-2000. And now, in 2005, we still do not regularly use secure e-mail! What are we thinking?

A year or more ago, I captured all these columns and articles on one page, The Secure Email collection. I am shocked that they are still relevant.

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