Irony in Advertising

I clicked on the Yahoo News item to view the new bin Laden video. Part of the written commentary mentioned that he dyed his beard from grey to black.

Before the video came up, an advertisement played. It was for Pantene hair coloring. You don’t suppose he uses …

Internet security moves towards good, old idea of default deny

We do keep going back to the same old (and) good ideas. Friend and colleague Marcus Ranum sent me a pointer to this CBC article entitled Internet security moving toward “white list”.

It reminded me of one of my blog entries from early 2005, Malware — the threat is real. It also reminded me that we forget history and so, as Edmund Burke George Santayana said, are destined to repeat it. (Or as Win Treese once said, “Not only is all human knowledge on USENET, it’s typed in every two weeks.”)