Information Assurance

I work in the information assurance area at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. I am a senior IA professional.

When did network and computer security become “information assurance,” and why? I do understand that the idea of “information assurance” (IA) sounds broader than “computer and network security,” but is it really? The “I” in “IA” is broader, but practically IA addresses information on computers and networks, not information residing in file cabinets or on bookshelves.

Why and when did this change?

Bobby Miller wrote, “I’ve been in the field since 1978 – get used to terminology changes! Way back when, it was ADP security, then computer security, then information security, now information assurance. I have no doubt it will change again and again. I suspect the reason has to do with Government regulation and/or funding – when you change the name you’re probably more likely to get new money to do the same old stuff.”


Slide Presentation Behavior

There are many ways to tell amateurs from the pros. When traveling to a 5-day conference, the pro does not check bags. When watching someone give a briefing (and see, here is an area where my language has changed working at APL. Formerly, I’d have said “give a slide presentation” or “give a talk.”), the amateur points the wireless mouse at the screen, rather than at the computer with the receiver.


Another Windows Expert Moves to Mac

If you came here because you are thinking of making the move, you’ll find my experiences and opinions here. I recently started a full-time gig at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. They started to order a PC for me. I asked if I could have a Mac. I have a 17″ MacBook Pro.

Here’s the interesting experiences of another convert. He’s a well-known “Windows Expert.” See A Windows expert opts for a Mac life.


I Just Thought This Was Funny

Surely you’ve seen at least one of the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads. Well, this photo just hit my funny bone:


On Acting Like a Jerk

  • Just because someone is a Christian, doesn’t mean he won’t sometimes or often act like a jerk.
  • That goes double for me.
Romans 7:15-17.