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Fri, 01 Sep 2006
Top SIX Reasons Why I Hate Network- and Computer-Security [UPDATED]

In Stating the Obvious, I said that “Information Security … experts are constantly stating the obvious,” and that “This will be one of ‘Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate Computer and Network Security,’ which I will blog next week.”

Well, I actually only have five—make that six, after e-mail from friend and colleague, Marcus Ranum —and I didn’t blog them “next week.” I present them in no special order.

  • We state the obvious.
  • We talk about and rehash the same old stuff.
  • The field is full of pseudo experts who are not really experts or who talk like they are not. [ADDED]
  • We focus on the presenting problem.
  • We are enamored with statistics—any statistics.
  • We look or hope for government to save us.

I’ve already talked briefly about the first. I will expound the others in future blog entries.

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