What Others Have Said  

… about working with us

“I’ve known (and worked with) Fred for over 25 years. He’s steady as a rock and unbelievably patient, with an impressive ability to inform and enlighten people at all levels.”
Jody Patilla, security manager

“Fred is a great thinker and organizer. When we’re all down into the technical details of things, Fred has an uncanny ability to abstract out the important issues and see the forest above the trees.”
Dr. Joel Snyder, Opus One

“Fred and I have worked together on many projects. Not only is Fred a pleasure to work with, but I greatly value his extensive security expertise.”
Lisa Phifer, Core Competence

“Fred was widely regarded as a leader in the DEC UNIX community. Engineers and product management all looked to him for inspiration and guidance. His tireless customer advocacy earned him the accolade ‘Patron Saint of Customers.’ This customer focus was balanced with a strong committment to the company and to growing the business. Fred embodied the DEC mantra of ‘do the right thing.'”
Mills Ripley, BSD Group, Inc. and former DEC colleague.

… about our seminars

“Fred Avolio’s seminars are very rich in content. He really is an expert in the field of computer security”.
Al-Ruheli Mohammed, graduate student

“Delightfully realistic, using what are the most probable scenerios fitting any company, in any industry.”
Eric Stone, Technology Administration, Shiel Sexton.

“Very knowledgeable instructor. Great workshop.”
James Gandini, PRC Corporation

“Instructor and workbook were easy to follow. Flow stayed with subject matter without getting off track. Instructor very open to questions and class discussion.”
John Rendell, First National Bank of Anchorage

“Fred Avolio is a very knowledgeable expert and has worldwide experience in the field. Time well spent …”
Arnold Gorospe, HQ US Military Entrance Processing Command

“The instructor made the difference. He took a ‘dry’ topic [Sendmail configuration] and made it understandable. This is not an easy topic. Mr. Avolio made an extra effort in bringing this … to a level that can be grasped by all. A very good course.”
Keith Lewis, Landis and Staeta

“An excellent description of Sendmail configuration and design. An excellent instructor … very knowledgeable about the subject matter.”

“Great course! Very Informative.”
Jon Lees, Integrated Visions

“The material was clearly explained and effectively communicated. The course materials were well laid out and supported the course discussion.”
William J. Powers, BDO Seidman, LLP

“Excellent course, excellent instructor. Kept the attention of the class for the entire course.”
Sheila Kuzminsky, IMSI

“Very informative and detailed, yet not overloaded… A perfect mix. Exactly what I needed to know. A great course taught by a great instructor.”
Todd Station, United Grain

“This is a highly effective class, which should be considered a requirement for anyone involved in network security.”
Randy Young, Illuminet

“Your class was certainly worthwhile. I returned home with a list of 25 items that needed to be addressed. Thanks for a great seminar.”
Bob Maser, California Dept. of Motor Vehicles

“Great interaction and response to class questions! Very good. Easy to relate to examples.”
Joe Przepiora, Cargill

“Instructor is knowledgeable — technically and historically. The instructor presents material with realistic and comprehensible examples.”
Larry Williams, Countrywide Home Loans

“Very good approach — good balance between technology and the more ‘soft’ areas about security.”
Hans Lund-Andersen, Arthur Andersen

“Excellent seminar! Very useful and informative for any security manager. Instructor is knowledgeable and well prepared. Two thumbs up!”
Randy Lantz, Robert Half International

“This was one of the most informative classes of the entire conference.”

“Fred was very enthusiastic and transmitted his message very well.”
Joe Hoffman, Sprint

“Fred gave a lot of info not on the slides. Other courses have been “read” verbatim from the slides. I appreciate his expertise and style … I highly recommend him …”
Gary Enochs, Riverside (CA) County Sheriff

“Nice rapport with class, great subject knowledge, good sense of humor … good war stories and suggestions.”
W. Ron Hess, National Institutes of Health
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