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My review

My review

My review


In my travels and teaching engagements, I am appalled to find so many who don’t know of what I speak when I mention “the Morris Worm” or “the Internet Worm.” A collection of papers exists at Purdue U. on the CERIAS web site. You need to look for them with the search engine as it warns that individual pages will be moved for your convenience. I have duplicated Gene Spafford’s technical report on the Worm here.

For firewalls, I believe the early papers are still the best, and the technology has not changed substantially since their authors wrote them. Four of the first and best papers are:

Rik Farrow, Understanding buffer overflow attacks is an excellent explanation of what they are and how they work. A reprint from Rik’s “Network Defense” column.


(Some of these have pop-ups and other advertisements.)

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