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Fri, 21 Mar 2008
Do I Really Want an iPhone?

The other day as I folder my clamshell phone and held it before slipping it into my back pocket I realized that it was the perfect shape and size. Where the heck would I stick an iPhone if I had one? I guess in my coat pocket or my “purse.” (I carry a small “man bag,” Jon Hall gave me.) I don’t put my phone in there. I usually keep it on “vibrate” and so want to feel it “ring.” So, I realized if I ever get one it would only be to replace my Palm. I keep my Palm in my bag now. And my iPod. So, replace my Palm and my phone and my iPod with an iPhone? No, no. That’s just what Jobs wants.

But, if I ever did, I’d need the iPhone to have similar applications and functions. I have a free document reader on which I can load books. I use it daily. I have a free Bible reader. I have a word processor and spreadsheet. It would have to sync Address Book (does), iCal events (does), iCal tasks (does not—what is Apple thinking?), and have a secure place to encrypt all my passwords.

Do I really want an iPhone? No. Yes. Heck. The phone fits in my back pocket (without getting broken). I don’t always carry my “purse,” nor do I want to. No. I’m so glad I cannot afford one and am locked into my current wireless carrier. One less thing to think about. I am not thinking about it at all.

Speaking of iPhones, Dave Piscitello mentions them in Hype-cycle management

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