You Still Can’t Trust the Internet

I mean for accuracy, not for connectivity. A few years back, I blogged The Dilution of Truth on the Internet. Recently, I was looking for this quote from the movie “Animal House”:
Nothing is impossible for the man who refuses to listen to reason.
Now, it amazes me that this isn’t all over the Internet. I mean I think (yes, that is key) that is totally brilliant. But, when I looked in the Internet, I found this 1) quoted without attribution, 2) quoted from the movie “Animal House,” which is correct, and attributed to the character Bluto (which is incorrect—it was Otter), and attributed to Maynard G. Krebbs in the TV series “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” (Can anyone verify this? I remember Otter, I am old enough to remember Dobie and Maynard, but I don’t remember him saying this. But, I was very young.)

Anyway, who can you trust?

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