Switching from PC to Mac

My “pc2mac” label on this blog started with my move from the PC to the Mac platform back in August 2005. (See Dude, You’re Getting a Mac!)
I just read a series of articles that I though would be interesting to anyone who arrived here wondering whether they should make the switch. (Short answer, “Yes!”)

Check out My Dad, the Switcher.

(Oh, and, Macs still end up being cheaper.)


Dwayne said…

So you would suggest when I replace my current dell laptop I purchase a mac. Does it come with the Microsoft programs I work with everyday? Will it allow me to interface with my PC products at work?

Fred Avolio said…

Those are some of the questions the writer’s dad asked and that I asked before by move. The answer is “maybe.” 🙂

First look at my blog entries from August 2005 and following in that year with the pc2mac tag. The only speedbump is your use of Palm; you will need to purchase The Missing Sync or move to an iPod. I

See Mac Calendaring and Address Book.