Stuck with IE

Here’s what I want to do. It is very simple. When I click on a URL in an application (for example, in e-mail) I’d like a new browser to launch. Seems reasonable, I think. If I have a browser opened already (or two or three), I may not be done reading what it is displaying. I know it uses more resources to launch a new browser but it is a 2Gig processor, for goodness sake!

No. Don’t tell me to just go into Internet Options/Advanced and de-select “Reuse windows for launching shortcuts.” It is already “unchecked.” When I use IE this works as advertised. Every time I click on a URL, it launches a new browser instance. Perfect. But, if I use Opera, or Mozilla (or Firebird), or Netscape, it works correctly for a while. (“Correctly” = “opens a new browser instead of overwriting an open browser.”) Then it stops working. By this I mean all of a sudden when I click on a URL it will use an already open browser window. If I reset (make something else
my default browser then go back) it starts working again.

So, I have given up and gone back to using IE. It is too frustrating to get this to work right. Is this a Microsoft plot? Or are Netscape, Opera, Mozilla/Firebird all broken? I really do not know.

Suggestions welcomed.

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