Spam Firewall Bogon Alert

Maybe I am just cynical. The headline is “Revolutionary Spam Firewall.” I saw it on slashdot. It pointed to the PhysOrg.com article. My bogosity filter started right off.

“a groundbreaking firewall…” “The new technology is the only true spam firewall in existence.” Matthew Sullicvan, one of the developers explains, “Existing anti-spam software filters out spam whereas ours puts up a firewall, stopping all email traffic and only allowing real mail through.” Sort of like filtering. “It is The only anti-spam software that analyses emails as a whole picture, rather than based solely on components such as key words or phrases.”

Well, the only one … not counting Bayesian filtering, for example. Let me know if you know if this is really different. It doesn’t sound like it to me. My filter pegged this as a bogon.

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