PodWorks—providing what should already be in iTunes and isn’t

In a previous blog, I discussed why I needed something like this program. As described on the PodWorks webpage,
PodWorks is a Mac OS X … application that compensates for the iPod’s only downside: Apple only allows you to copy songs to your iPod. If you have two Macs and want to use your iPod to transfer music from one to the other, or you only store your MP3s on your iPod and need to copy them back onto your hard drive after a disk failure, you are out of luck!

This is where PodWorks comes in: it allows you to copy songs from any Mac iPod to any Mac …
This small application is easy to use and did what it claims, quickly and cleanly. I recovered my missing tunes, and I also used it to back up all music on my iPod to another location. (And from now on I will do disk-to-disk back-ups of my Music library.) The unregistered version of PodWorks has the following limitations:
  • 30 day time limit.
  • 250 song copy limit.
  • Songs must be copied one at a time.
  • Single-drag copying of playlists is disabled.
I didn’t need the 30 days to test it. After 30 minutes, I purchased it. Did I mention it only costs USD$8.00? A terrific and inexpensive product.

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