New Software: iTunes 9.0 and iPod touch 3.1 update

I’ll make this short and sweet. I updated my iPod touch software to 3.1 and my iTunes to 9.0, both announced today (among other things you can find on the Apple Website. I installed iTunes thorough the iTunes program, checking for software update. It downloaded iTunes 9.0, Quicktime Player 7.6.4, and restarted my PowerBook.

I started iTunes. Anytime I accessed the iTunes store it crashed. So, I manually downloaded iTunes 9.0. It works fine now.

See 3.1 features and iTunes 9.0 features for more information.


Fred Avolio said…

If you have problems getting Genius Mixes onto your iPod or iPhone, see this post of mine.

Fred Avolio said…

And there are security-related reasons to upgrade both, according to this support article.