iPod touch and “Shuffle Albums”

Older iPods had a feature that would allow you to shuffle songs or albums. It would play a random album in its entirety, then another, etc. This is not available on a touch (an unjailbroken touch).

What I mean by Shuffle Albums,” is really randomly find and play an entire album. I started to want this recently when “shuffle songs” would turn up a song I haven’t listened to in years. I would have a “Wow,I remember this album,” moment. This is a simple, obvious way to get this functionality.

1. I select songs to list all the songs on my iPod touch.
2. I push the “Shuffle” command.
3. I push the Next Song” command until a song comes up from an album I’m interested in.
4. I select the list of songs on the album (top righthand side)
5. I select the first song in the album

It seems like a lot to go through, but really step 3 doesn’t usually take that long before I stumble upon .. shuffle upon … an interesting album.


Brian said…

I'm torn between being happy at how great a patch that is and being upset at how stupid having this problem is in the first place. Certainly in either case, thanks for helping out!

Unknown said…

I recently wrote an app called AlbumMixer that brings back album shuffle.

Please let me know if you have any problems with it. I've tested it on the iPhone, but not on the iPod Touch.