Gates Promises …

As I sat in the United 757 at O’Hare, waiting for the consummation of our delayed take-off, I glanced across the aisle and read the headline in a fellow passenger’s Chicago Sun-Times: “Gates Promises More Windows Security.” Yes, it was yesterday’s newspaper (28 October 2003). I have no witty or provocative thought for this.

“Longhorn is billed as the biggest operating system upgrade since Windows 95 by Microsoft, whose software runs more than 90 percent of the world’s desktop computers.” Then later in the article, “Microsoft plans to add peer-to-peer networking technologies to let co-workers, for example, send documents to each other that they can jointly view and annotate.” Doesn’t that send shivers of fear up your spin? Really. The full text is was at http://www.sun-times.com/output/tech/cst-fin-emain28.html

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