Those Dirtbags

I’ve noticed emails with an exe at the end of them… just not “.exe.” For example, I have one with attachment “attach3781.txt.  exe”.

Be careful out there.


Another “Convert”

I know there are a lot of them. But, Clinton Forbes’ blog 10 Pros & Cons of switching from Windows to Mac OS X is very good.

He also blogged Firefox 2.0 now the best browser for the Mac – Safari is dead. I was going to point out that I disagree. But then he did, in Mac Browser Death-Match: Safari vs Firefox.

I’m using both. I may do my own blog entry about Firefox. One thing I really like is “Find.” On Safari I have a hard time finding the text it found. See, when the Find box is open in Safari, the “highlighted” text is grey until the main window again gets focus. In Firefox, the find is not in another window. Firefox nicely hightlights found text. Well, more later.

I did comment on his original Firefox blog:
I’ve used Firefox before, just as you described (on Windows, to test pages, when Safari didn’t work).

One thing for me which might be a showstopper for making FF my default: it doesn’t (seem to) use the Keychain. It uses it’s own. I really like the fact that my keychain password protects the other passwords.

I know I can set a master password in FF. Maybe it is just as good. I’ve this notion that the keychain password is better protected.