Secure Internet Communications

Fred Avolio

When the Internet was first created, it was a small community with no "bad guys" and few problems. Today, it is an open network on which we depend for business. We use the Internet to communicate within our own enterprises, with business partners, and customers. We use it for development, testing, selling, marketing, and purchasing. We even use it in support of health care. Communication on the Internet is vulnerable to attack.

In this course, we will examine the protocols, procedures, and product technologies to use to protect Internet communications. The student will learn when and how to use: S/MIME, PGP, other options for secure e-mail, SSL, SecSH, L2TP, and IPSec. The student will learn how to evaluate the requirements for secure communications to come up with a "short list" of solutions. Students are expected to come with knowledge of their enterprise's business requirements for Internet communication, and will develop recommendations based on the requirements and what they learn in the course. The instructor will demonstrate the use of some representative products in the above-mentioned areas.

Course Outline: