Firewalls and Internet Security

Fred Avolio

This course presents detailed information about defending your IP networks from attack. In this course we concentrate on using Internet firewalls. Any poorly configured server or desktop may be vulnerable to attack, and any application server can have bugs that permit unauthorized access. We will discuss these vulnerabilities, and show how firewalls can be configured to protect against many of them. Different types of firewall technology will be defined and discussed, giving an overview of their strengths and weaknesses. Representative products will be compared and contrasted. Add-ons to firewalls, including Virtual Private Networks, and content screening products, will also be carefully explained.

Course Outline:

	Introduction to TCP/IP Vulnerabilities
	Introduction to Internet Firewalls
	Different Types of Firewalls
		Simple Packet Filter overview
		Stateful Packet Filter overview
		Application Gateway overview
		Hybrid overview
	Criteria - how to pick a firewall
	Configuring and managing Firewalls
		Simple Packet Filter
		Stateful Packet Filter
		Application Gateway
	Additions to Firewalls
		Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
		Strong User Authentication
		Content Screens
		Intrusion Detection
		Honey pots and traps
	How much is too much?
	Firewall Appliances
	Firewall Multiservers
	Personal Firewalls
	Assessing your network security
	The Myth of the Network Security Perimeter
	Where firewalls fit in to the big, multidimensional approach to security

You will learn:

You will leave with: