Advanced Network Security

Fred Avolio

Because of the tremendous growth of the Internet, network and computer security is now recognized as essential. With the increase in use, and the changes in technology, inevitably come new threats, vulnerabilities, and increased risk. The paradigms for security that were established a few short years ago must metamorphose in order to meet the challenges of these changes. No longer is antivirus software on every desktop and a single firewall on a gateway sufficient. Further, we need to move from defensive solutions, to enabling solutions.

This course will cover advanced topics in network and computer security for the network and security administrator, discussing the technology and mechanisms to employ and deploy to secure computers and networks for the individual and the enterprise.

In this course you will learn:

You will leave with:

Upon completion of the course, participants will have a good working understanding of the advanced use of firewalls, cryptography and its use in network defense, intrusion detection system use, and techniques for securing the telecommuter and traveler. The participant will be able to evaluate advanced tools and plan their deployment and use.

This course is for network managers, system administrators, and security managers who know the basics -- basic cryptographic techniques, firewalls, and A/V software.

Course Outline

  1. Security solutions before and now
  2. How bad guys break into networks -- threats and vulnerabilities
  3. Multiple layers and multiple methods in security
  4. Enterprise firewall deployment
  5. Intrusion Detection Systems
  6. Strong (cryptographic based) user authentication
  7. Virtual Private Networks
  8. Adaptive and Reactive Security
  9. Securing the Road Warrior
  10. Hackers tools for verification and testing
  11. Ultimate security -- what to do with unlimited people, time, and funds

There will be opportunities to share concerns, suggest solutions, and map plans during class discussions through interactive problem-solving workshops.