Security Essentials for Managers

Fred Avolio


This course will cover essential knowledge for enterprise managers, discussing the practice, technologies, and mechanisms to employ and deploy to secure computers and networks of the enterprise and the individual.


The growth of the Internet has required changes in network security mechanisms and methods. We've moved from defensive solutions, to the need for enabling solutions. Because of the Internet revolution, security is now recognized as essential, computer and network security is becoming ubiquitous, security perimeters are becoming dynamic, and the paradigms for security that were established a few short years ago must metamorphose in order to meet the challenges of these changes.

You will learn:


Who should attend

CEOs, line business managers, CIOs, IT managers, audit directors and managers


Fred Avolio is President of Avolio Consulting, Inc., specializing in computer and network security, and dedicated to improving the state of corporate and Internet security through education and testing.

Fred is a respected Internet security expert, and is a frequent speaker, teacher, and writer on security related topics. He writes the "Just the Basics" column for INFORMATION SECURITY MAGAZINE. He has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Dayton and a Master of Science from Indiana University.