Advanced Firewall Configuration for Today's Internet

INSTRUCTOR: Fred Avolio, Avolio Consulting, Inc.

AUDIENCE: Network, system, and firewall administrators

LEVEL: Technical

ASSUMPTIONS: Administrator-level knowledge of TCP/IP networks, network security principles, and firewall best practices.

Welcome to the new millenium. It is not 1993 anymore. This is not your father's Internet. Why are our firewalls configured as if it is? Networks have gotten more complicated, rather than less. Users demand access to more and varied network services. Servers and services are more "feature-ful" and ... well, you know what that means.

In this course, you will learn how to use firewalls more effectively to meet the challenges of securing your networks while still providing for the business requirements (or mission needs). You may also learn how to help see through wants and desires disguised as requirements. (You will also learn ways to try to help upper management see security expenditures as a cost of doing business rather than as an expense, but the instructor doesn't guarantee they'll get it.)


Students should come prepared to share experiences, discuss alternatives, and ask questions.

Students will leave with recommendations for tightening up your defenses, raising your network security assurance level, and suggestions for policy enhancements.

This will NOT cover: