NetSec Letter #33, 25 August 2004
Administrative Note

Fred Avolio, Avolio Consulting, Inc.,

This is the first NetSec Letter since February! Many of you who receive this have forgotten you subscribed. For that I ask forgiveness. I've really spent most of the time posting columns -- some short and some as long as this letter used to be -- to my weblog ( It has taken me this long to realize that the weblog has taken the place of this letter. It also as an RSS feed. So, this is the last official NetSec Letter.

I had considered moving the subscription list from my NetSec Letter over to the subscription list for my monthly weblog index. But, that would seem too much like spam because, although you subscribed to this, you did not subscribe to that.

You can subscribe to the monthly index by sending e-mail to with the word "subscribe" in the body of the letter. To see what it woulld look like, visit

My entries mostly touch on computer and network security and e-mail, with some miscellaneous topics, and the occassional foray into theology. (Yeah, a real "Renaissance Man." :-))

Also, I've got a new day job. See